Flyweight Champion

Liam Pitts

Liam Pitts is rapidly emerging as a standout talent in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. As the reigning amateur champion at Allstars Fight Night (AFN), Liam has demonstrated exceptional skill, dedication, and a fierce competitive spirit. His impressive performances have not only earned him the championship title but also the admiration of fans and experts alike.

Starting his journey in MMA at a young age, Liam's passion for the sport has driven him to train rigorously and continuously improve. His hard work and strategic approach to fighting have led to a series of notable victories, solidifying his reputation as a formidable opponent in the cage.

Known for his sportsmanship and humility, Liam embodies the true spirit of martial arts. He is not only a fierce competitor but also a respected figure among his peers, making him a role model for aspiring fighters.

Now, Liam Pitts is on the brink of taking the next big step in his career: transitioning to the professional ranks. With his sights set on making a significant impact as a professional fighter, Liam's potential seems limitless. Keep an eye on this rising star as he prepares to leave an indelible mark on the world of MMA and inspire the next generation of athletes.

Light Heavyweight Champion

Najib Adams

From Amateur Champion to Professional Contender

Najib Adams is making waves in the world of Mixed Martial Arts with his impressive skills and unyielding determination. As a talented and dynamic fighter, Najib has quickly established himself as a formidable presence in the MMA community. Recently, Najib vacated his amateur title to take the significant step into the professional ranks, marking a new chapter in his already remarkable career.

Najib’s journey into MMA began with a passion for the sport and a dedication to mastering its many disciplines. Through rigorous training and a relentless work ethic, he has developed a versatile fighting style that keeps opponents on their toes. His ability to adapt and strategize in the cage has earned him several notable victories, making him a fighter to watch.

Najib trains alongside some of the best in the sport, including UFC fighters like Volkan Oezdemir and Alexander Gustafsson. This elite training environment has honed his skills and prepared him for the challenges of professional competition.

Known for his resilience and sportsmanship, Najib embodies the true spirit of martial arts. His commitment to excellence and continuous improvement sets him apart, both as an athlete and as a person. Najib’s humility and respect for his opponents highlight his character, making him a respected figure among fans and fellow fighters alike.

As Najib Adams transitions to the professional arena, his potential seems boundless. Stay tuned as he strives to climb the ranks, achieve his goals, and inspire the next generation of MMA fighters with his passion and dedication. The future is bright for this rising star, and his journey is just beginning.